The solution

A payment aggregator where users have the ability to pay using their bank cards, e-wallets, or crypto. After each payment at a store partner, users will get cash-back INSTANTLY (up to 60%, no maximum amount, no terms and conditions). Users can choose to get cash-back in fiat currency or in takecoin; they can pay their next bill using the accumulated cash-back at any store partner. Users who hold "takecoin" in their take wallet will get higher cash-back rates (depending on the number of tokens they hold, please refer to the below table).

Cash-back tiers

The below cash-back rate tiers will be updated on a monthly basis depending on the current price of takecoin
150 to 900 token
additional 0.5% cash-back on the initial cash-back rate
901 to 5000 token
additional 1.25% cash-back rate
5001 to 10,000 token
additional 1.75% cash-back rate
10,001 to 30,000 token
additional 2,00% cash-back rate
30,001 to 60,000 token
additional 3,00% cash-back rate
60,000 token to 100,000 token
additional 4.50% cash-back rate
+100,001 token
additional 7.00% cash-back rate