The problem

Nowadays, people need to carry cash or bank cards in order to pay for their daily expenses; moreover, no matter how much people pay or are loyal to a shop, most of the time, they don't get rewarded for that. On the other hand, businesses are investing huge amounts in marketing, but they can neither measure nor track the efficiency of their budget.
There is a two-sided problem between end-users and business owners:
Business owners/stores
  • Need to carry cash or bank cards to pay in offline stores.
  • No rewards for loyalty to a shop/brand.
  • Not getting a good price to value ratio.
  • Looking for discounts but in most cases it's required to go through a series of complex steps to get it.
  • Very small/limited cash-back from financial institutions along with several terms and conditions.
  • Invest large amounts of money in marketing.
  • Hard to track/measure the efficiency of their marketing budget as they are offline businesses.
  • Can’t track the ROI.
  • Can't retain customers.
  • Can't offer a modern/intelligent way of rewarding their loyal customers.
  • Can't accept crypto payments.
People are looking for discounts, BOGO (buy one get one offers), and marketplaces (like Groupon, etc..) to get offers and discounts from different businesses. People are also using some apps offering cash-back that requires to take photos of the receipts to get a cash-back. There exists also some financial institutions offering a capped cash-back (up to 3%) with a maximum amount (depends on several factors) with several terms and conditions to be respected. In most of the times you need to wait for weeks and even months to get that tiny cash-back.