The market

Recent studies* have shown that there are robust links between cash-back incentives, digital marketing strategies, as well as fast payment transactions, which are becoming a trend driver, especially among younger generations. The studies have found that 74% of Gen Z and 70% of Millennials will spend more if they know they'll instantly get 5% cash-back. Furthermore, 82% of Americans say that they would shop more frequently at stores they haven't been to in a while if they were notified about a cash-back offer.
The 2020 Global Cash-back Report highlights industry growth at $108 billion [1], with a whopping yearly growth of 15% [2]. Likewise, the adoption of cryptocurrency rocketed by 880% over the last 12 months [3]. With our platform and cryptocurrency, we intend to become a dominant industry player as the cash-back and cryptocurrency payment market size is growing rapidly. We are creating a whole new generation of marketplaces that makes the perfect blend of cash-back and day-to-day payments at different stores using crypto.
*studies done by the center for generational kinetics