How to buy takecoin?


Step 1 (Sign-up/Login)

If you don't have already a Stellar wallet, then you have to create one. In this tutorial we will create one using Stellarterm (if you already have a stellar wallet, then just login using your private key): 1. Enter to : Stellarterm 2. Click on "Generate new Stellar account" as on screenshot below
3. You'll get a Public and Private key, please keep them in a safe place (once lost they cannot be restored), then check "I've backed up my secret key in a safe place" and hit "continue" button:
4. You will be prompted to enter your generated "secret key", once entered, click on the checkmark, then hit "Verify" .
5. Congratulations! you've created your Stellar wallet, now you need to send/buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) to your wallet account (Please make sure to buy the necessary amount of XLM so you can purchase takecoin with it).

Step 2 (after the login):

Once you fill you wallet with the XLM amount, add takecoin in the list of currencies so you can buy/hold it: Visit the following page, and enter the domain:, under "Discover assets issued by anchor and trade them" section:
Once done, head to the sale page so you can exchange takecoin for XLM:

Step 3:

Enter the number of TAKE tokens you're willing to purchase, then hit the "BUY" button

Step 4:

Great, you've successfully purchased takecoins, head up to your wallet to view them
Last modified 1yr ago