takecoin [ticker: TAKE] is a token built on Stellar's blockchain with a limited supply of 100 billion tokens. Thanks to the mother marketplace "take-cashback.com" users are more incentivized to use takecoin mainly because it has a zero transaction fee, very fast transactions and higher cash-back rates. Looking at BTC or ETH, it will never be a good idea to pay with them mainly because of the high transaction/gas fee as well as the confirmation time, which is in the case of BTC, 10 minutes (Can you wait all that time to confirm a BTC transaction at a coffee shop, I doubt the barista would wait that long!) BUY-BACK
As the supply is limited and takecoin is the main currency of our marketplace, we will be buying back our own crypto at the most recent market price and directly from the exchange so that we can give it as a cash-back to our end-users. Indeed such a move will create high liquidity on the market as well as rapidly increase the token value. Token distribution
*It takes only between 3-5 seconds to confirm a transaction, users won't be paying any transaction fee as all Stellar's fees are covered by us.