Business model

Transaction fees:
The transaction fees are variable, they can go up to 4.99%.
When users/merchants choose to pay/accept payment using "takecoin," there will be no fees to be paid, absolutely Zero fees; however, if the user or the merchant chooses to transact using a credit/debit card, the fee go up to 4.99%, that's because the banks are charging a lot of fees on the background. We believe that several businesses will be more interested in transacting using "takecoin" as they will not pay any transaction fees in addition to the value these businesses are getting. There are no setup fees whatsoever. Our business model is highly scalable as the fee we're charging remains very minimal; our aim is to give an interesting value to our end-users as well as our merchants. Following a fair/clear pricing strategy, we believe that we'll expand faster in new cities/countries; in that way, we expect rapid growth of our user base as well as the number of daily transactions.
Last modified 1yr ago